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About Pin Code

Nagar Pin Code is designed to provide you accurate and timely information on postal index numbers in India, so that packages, parcels, mails and correspondence can reach their intended destination.

What is Pin Code ?

A Postal Index Number refers to a six- number law in the Indian postal law system used by Indian Post. The chances of your letter reaching its intended recipient increase when you remember to include the destination pin code when sending a letter or parcel via the Indian postal system or by courier.

There are so many cities, towns and villages in India that finding the right person or place can be a real challenge for the Indian postal service and for couriers. The Indian Postal Service introduced the 6-digit Postal Index Number (Pin) Code on 15 August 1972 to improve the efficiency of letter delivery.

What is a 6-digit Pin Code ?

In the Indian postal code system, a PIN code is a six-digit code used by India Post, every digit in these codes indicates a specific meaning, also known as Zip codes or area codes, The PIN code system was introduced on 15 August 1972 by Shriram Bhikaji Velankar.


In India, there are 19,101 PINs covering 154,725 post offices.

Each of the six digits in the code indicates a different meaning Region is reflected in the first digit of the PIN, out of the 9 Pin regions in India, the first 8 are based on geography and the ninth is used specifically by the army postal services.

A Pin's first digit indicates its zone, its second indicates its sub-zone and its third, when combined with the first two, indicates its sorting district post offices within the sorting district are assigned the final three digits. holds the largest and most comprehensive database of Postal Index Numbers (PINs) in India.

It is very easy to find the Postal Index Number (PIN) Code of your locality, Enter the name of the location in the search box provided on this page, You will then be presented with a list of all the locations you searched for that have similar names.

Post offices and pin codes can be searched on this page, If you would like to search postal codes based on state - district, you can visit the main pin code page.
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